Concept Art

Ok this is a very basic picture of a typical island found in Wolken, it shows that the majority of the island is submerged within the clouds pretty much like an iceberg. The clouds themselves are shown to have 2 different areas, a safe zone and a dangerous zone. Entering the danger zone would lead to death due to high pressure, although I'm thinking of changing this to maybe severe electrical storms. Under this layer there is a gap between another land mass and the clouds, for the moment I've named this 'Deep Sky' although may change the naming due to similarities to the game Skies of Arcadia which has a similar area with the same name. Also hinted at is a shaft Axis forces want to build to explore 'Deep Sky' and unlock some of the mysteries of Wolken.

The Tower of Wolken holds many of the secrets of Wolken, the purpose of the tower is unknown to all but will be revealed in the mod towards the end as things progress. At start of the story neither side know how to get into the tower or want to risk blowing open a way inside however an entrance is located at some point during the mod but don't want to give things away at the moment.

Here we have an Axis built shaft down into 'Deep Sky' as hinted in the first piece of work so it is safe to say that at some point in the story you will visit 'Deep Sky'. I wont reveal why as I will safe that for the mod. In the drawing we see a small portion of 'Deep Sky' which may look rather empty but that's due to my drawing limitations so expect the in game version to be more lively.

The weapon is strapped the users arm and doesn't need to be gripped by hand to carry it. Using specially metal alloys the weapon is light weight and not too uncomfortable to stay attached to the arm for prolonged periods. The weapon comes with a spring loaded retractable blade on the underside of the arm and a modified MP40 on the outer right hand side. The MP40 section of the weapon is also retractable but not automated like the blade, the gun has to be shifted by hand from the upper forearm to the wrist to be used. The gun itself is fed by 2 ammunition clips on either side which run along with the arm and then into special inlets that curve into the body of the gun. The gun alternates between clips when firing and can also fire with just one clip albeit at a slower rate of fire.

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